Costa Rica Reserve Decaf

A decaffeinated roast grown in Central America at high altitudes. The high altitudes make the bean grow slower creating a denser coffee bean. A smooth, full-bodied coffee that is sure to please.  More Information and Ordering

Decaf Nocaf

A dark decaf blend that is pleasant but complex. Nuances of chocolate malt, sugar cane, and oak are evident.  More Information and Ordering

Mexico Decaf

A light decaffeinated roast that is slightly creamy and slightly dry. Nuances of dried raisin and spiced rum.  More Information and Ordering

Natural Columbian Decaf

A medium roast that is well balanced and medium bodied. Colombian coffee is the most highly marketed coffee and the most common. While not all Colombian coffees are exceptional, the Sandino Narino is amongst the highest quality that the Colombian region has to offer.  More Information and Ordering

Natural Sumatran Decaf

Quality beans produce a superb decaf – our importer uses only top-grade beans to produce a completely natural decaf coffee. The hand-selected beans are gently decaffeinated using mountain water processing. So full of flavor and aroma, this method erases the line between regular and decaf.  More Information and Ordering

Natural Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf

A decaffeinated medium roast grown in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia. Natural flavors of deep Asian spice and chocolate walnut enhance this roast.  More Information and Ordering

Peru Decaf

A light decaffeinated roast with a milky body. Subtle nuances of nutmeg and gingerbread. Perfect for an Autumn day.  More Information and Ordering

Smooth Jaguar Decaf

A dark decaffeinated blend.  This secret blend is a favorite at Palenque Coffee House.  This signature blend combines South American and Indonesian beans for a perfect blend.  More Information and Ordering