Doomsday Donuts

Dawn, Doomsday Donuts baker extraordinaire

Dawn, Doomsday Donuts baker extraordinaire

Dawn, Doomsday Donut baker extraordinaire, whips up batches of our signature “jewels” fresh each morning using only the best ingredients available.

Our incredible Doomsday Donuts (they really are!) are a great addition to office meetings, birthday parties and any other celebration where you really want to shine. A Full tray of 13 is $18.50 and our mini tray of 6 selections is $9.25. Please call in advance if ordering more than 3 dozen: (920) 896-0311.

Doomsday Cake Donuts

donuts-cakedonuts Our cake donuts are glazed, frosted or powdered. Flavors vary from apple and pumpkin spice, chocolate, lemon poppy seed, almond poppy seed, peanut butter, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, red velvet, and of course, plain old vanilla!

Doomsday Fritters

donuts-applefritterOur fritters are made using a yeast-raised dough combined with a variety of fruit flavors and glazed with our vanilla bean glaze.

You should never eat anything bigger than your head . . . except these!


donuts-sweetrollThis is what you would get if a fritter and a Danish had a baby. A yeast-raised dough is used and they are baked rather than fried. We offer a variety of fruit flavors with or without a cream cheese filling. A huge hit is Mama’s Turtle Cobblestone – chocolate and vanilla dough topped with chocolate and caramel sauces and chopped pecans.


Sweet Rolls

Our Doomsday sweet rolls are made with yeast dough, baked and filled with cinnamon and sugar. We offer cinnamon rolls (with cream cheese or vanilla frostings, pictured here), sticky buns, pecan rolls, pineapple upside down rolls, and Pershings.


The donuts listed above vary by fillings and toppings each day. Please inquire for “Today’s Selections.” Go ahead – call us! We’re waiting for your call at (920) 896-0311.


Monkey Poo

A chocolate and banana yeast raised donut topped with cashews, pistachios, and dried banana chips, all drizzled under chocolate.


Vanilla Bean

A raised yeast donut smothered in Madagascar vanilla bean glaze.



A yeast raised Long John oozing with a maple glaze and topped with a strip of crisp premium bacon.


Sublime Key Lime

A yeast raised donut with a zesty key lime filling; frosted with vanilla icing and sprinkled with graham cracker.



A yeast raised donut pumped full of Bavarian and espresso whipped cream filling; vanilla frosting with dark and white chocolate drizzle.


Marshmallow Sacrifice

A yeast raised ring donut drowning in chocolate frosting, marshmallow fluff and graham crackers. The “mystery” is our secret!



A chocolate yeast donut with cookies ‘n creme filling, white frosting and real Oreos® crumbled on top.


Lost Horizon

A chocolate donut with whipped peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting and a Peanut Butter Cup topping it off!


La Niña

A yeast raised donut oozing with layers of strawberry and crème filling. Vanilla frosting drizzled on top.