Light Roast

Columbia Cooperative

A light roast with a silky body.  Columbia Cooperative captures a tropical fruit flavor that is refreshing and smooth. More Information and Ordering

Dominican Republic

A light roast with tropical origins. Hints of honey, white sugar, fig newtons, and dried apricot are evident.  A Palenque Coffee House Favorite.  More Information and ordering


A light roast with a velvety body.  Nuances of apple pie, rhubarb, and clove.  More Information and ordering


A light roast with a depth of flavor.  Hints of orange marmalade, green pepper, and ginger in the aroma.  Tastes of caramel with a subtle nuttiness.  More Information and Ordering


A light roast coffee grown  in Honduras.  A savory and spicy roast with a smooth taste and feel and slight caramel finish. More Information and ordering


A light roast that is slightly creamy and slightly dry.  Nuances of dried raisin and spiced rum.  More Information and Ordering


A light roast with a plush body.  Touches of roasted corn, oats, and dried fruit create a smooth cup.  More Information and Ordering

Organic Velvet Soul

A light roast with a mix of 100% Organic Central and South American beans that offers a hint of dark chocolate, caramel, berries, and a touch of citrus. More Information and Ordering

Papau New Guinea

A light roast that is unpredictable and untamed.  A wild variety of memorable and sweet flavors.  This roast will appeal the creative palate.  More Information and Ordering


A light roast with a milky body.  Subtle nuances of nutmeg and gingerbread.  Perfect for an Autumn day. More Information and Ordering

Tanzanian Peaberry

A light roast grown on the the slopes of Mount Kiliminjaro. With a bright and berry-like flavor, this unique bean is sure to delight.  It is noted for hints of gingerbread and orange.  Peaberries tend to be sweeter than their dual bean counter parts.  Peaberries result when the coffee cherry develops a single oval bean rather than the normal two flat-sided beans.  This occurs in only 2% of coffee cherries.  Sorting these is very labor intensive. More Information and Ordering