Fall Line Up

Come on in and try our fall line up.

Some of the best food you will find here in Ripon, WI.


Our new pulled pork sliders are to die for.

Premium pork roasted in a home made bbq sauce for about 12 hours.


Don’t call us cheesy, but you can call our mac ‘ n’ cheese cheesy.

Our home made mac’n’cheese has a blend of 4 different cheese all melted together for that

out of this world taste that you will fall in love with.


Our new hidden treasure sandwich is one of a kind.

A croissant stuffed to the brim with chopped ham, cheese curds, and our home made cream cheese sauce.


friiters and chili


Like everything here at Palenque, our chili and corn fritters are nothing

short of homemade and you can tell with the first mouth full.