Cafe~Tasse (Extra Noir)


Price: $6.50

Café-tasse has drawn its inspiration from two sources,

a Belgian dedication to create the perfect chocolate and

the desire to introduce the European tradition of enjoying

chocolate while sipping coffee , an exquisite combination,

wrapped in innovative ways. Café-tasse Chocolates have

become a must for the true expresso lover and its distinctive and

natural looking packaging have given Café-tasse its

own place in the chocolate market.


The dull crackling sound when you break a Cafe-Tasse tablette,

the intense flavour of the first piece you bite into, the desire to

take another bite to relish – all this is part of the pleasure when you

eat a Cafe-Tasse tablette. Cafe-Tasse tablettes are savored slowly,

like a call to meditation. Their particular aromas make them truly delectable.

This is gourmet chocolate par excellence, with no pretension or posturing.