Fortunato Tumbled Dark Chocolate Beans


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FORTUNATO NO. 4 Introducing the ultimate in single origin chocolate.

Made from Pure Nacional cacao, Moonstruck reintroduces the long-deprived

world to rare & complex flavors of fruit, flora, nut & coffee. Lost in Ecuador,

Rediscovered in Peru Originally discovered by a Swiss chocolate couverture

manufacturer traveling in Ecuador in the early 1800s, Pure Nacional was

prized for its unique cacao scent & fully developed flavor characteristics.

It dominated the fine chocolate couverture market before the cacao trees

were decimated by diseases nearly 100 years ago. The few surviving

disease-resistant &  hybrid varieties never could compare in quality.

Recently, Dan Pearson & Brian Horsley of Maranon Chocolate discovered

pods of white & purple cacao beans in the Maranon Canyon of northern

Peru.  Told by locals that the cacao was used in couverture, samples were

sent to the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) genetics laboratory

for DNA testing.  The lab confirmed that the Pure Nacional variety, thought

indigenous to Ecuador & extinct, lived on in Peru. Fortunato No. 4 is

named after the Peruvian farmer, Fortunato, on whose farm the beans

were found.  The number four was chosen because the fourth of 14 samples

sent to the USDA was the purest expression of Pure Nacional cacao, the

same cacao used to create Fortunato No. 4 chocolate. Pure Nacional trees

thrive at the highest altitudes ever recorded in the remote micro climate

of the Maranon Canyon. Once harvested, the beans are transported first

by foot, then by burro & motorcycle & finally by all-terrain vehicle for

quality post-harvest processing.  The resulting cacao offers an unsurpassed

range of delicate & rare flavor.  Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, cane sugar,

cocoa butter), Roasted Fortunato Cocao Beans,  Clarified Butter (milk fat),

Modified Starch and Sucrose, Confectioner’s Glaze,

Gold Powder (artificial colors Lakes & Dyes of FD & C Blue #1, Blue #2,

Red #3, Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40 and/or Titanium Dioxide).