Nose: milk chocolate, ginger, fudge

Body: balanced, dark chocolate, brown spices & blueberry

Mouth: smooth & creamy

Acidity: delicate

Finish: chocolate, brown sugar & spice.

The Congo Coffee Project was created by Equal Exchange in partnership with the Panzi Hospital in the D.R. Congo, which offers programs for more than 2,000 survivors of sexual violence each year. The hospital provides life-saving treatment, counseling, and aftercare programs for women and others in need of healing.

Situation in the DR Congo Commonly referred to as the ‘Congo’, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo for short) has undergone years of civil war and internal conflict that have resulted in a poor economy and a high rate of violence.

Who is the Panzi Foundation? US based foundation that supports the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, D.R. Congo through financial donations and works to educate the public about issues in the DR Congo

Price: $11.99