Panama Boquete

Panamanian coffees are under appreciated. The coffees from the Boquete region of Panama are subtly bright, well balanced, with fruit, and dark cocoa tones.


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The forested mountains of Boquete provide one of the most beautiful growing conditions in the world.

As you approach the finca, you ride on a single lane road down in the valley with vertical cliffs covered with flowers and trees. The finca itself is misted in clouds, with guava and tropical fruit trees intermingled among the wild coffee trees.

In the middle of the finca is a five-hundred year old tree that was just a sapling when Christopher Columbus was just landing on the shores of the Americas. As you walk under a twenty-foot coffee tree, you look up and see sleeping fruit bats among the bright red coffee cherries.

It is an experience like no other, the sight of the tree alone about brought me to tears, and this was just one of many fincas in the Boquete region of Panama.