Why Learn About Single-Origin Coffee?

Posted on Feb 9, 2012

Why Learn About Single-Origin Coffee?

As we’ve stated in previous blog posts, the word coffee comes from an Arabic phrase meaning “the wine of the bean.” In that way, you see why it’s so important to understand single origin coffee the same way wine lovers learn grape varieties and origins: true appreciation of coffee is not complete until you know where it came from.

Unfortunately, while coffee is popular in the 21st century, true appreciation of it is not. How many people drinking Vanilla Lattes know that their beans were likely Italian Roasted? How many people even know what an Italian Roast is?

The modern state of coffee, while allowing for wide access to the bean, is not necessarily something that a true coffee aficionado would appreciate. It is through single-origin coffee that the purest, most historically-true coffee is tasted, appreciated, and savored. In fact, the industrialization of coffee was the one development that cast aside traditional single-origin coffee; before then, almost all coffee was single-origin coffee.

If you want to really know your single-origin coffee, you’re going to have to re-learn a number of things that have been forgotten over the last century even by the most stringent of coffee lovers. You’re going to have to learn about the origins themselves and learn what separates.