Other Indonesian Single Origin Coffees

Posted on May 31, 2012

Other Indonesian Single Origin Coffees

Because Indonesia is so large and diverse, it can be difficult to classify and categorize all of its coffees; doing so would simply require that you invent a new category for each region and each coffee type! With that in mind, we’ll break off from our usual trend of categorizing the coffees by region and instead fill you in on some of the other single origin coffees of note available from Indonesia:

Kopi Luwak: World renowned for the processing method – the beans are fed to an animal known as a civet and then retrieved from its feces – Kopi Luwak is not only one of the world’s most sought-after beans, but actually one of its most expensive. Many people believe that the enzymes of the civet work on the beans and take out much of its acidity. Additionally, Kopi Luwak will often only require a light roast for the flavors to fully come through.

  • Bean description: If you can get past the idea of having your beans processed through a civet’s digestive track, you’re in for a real treat. Kopi Luwak’s subtle flavors come through as bright with little to no bitterness thanks to the civet treatment.

Timor: Actually not technically an Arabica or a Robusta coffee, Timor is a hybrid between the two that was cultivated because of its resiliency to leaf rust – a problem that Arabica coffee growers often have to deal with. It comes from the island of Timor, so there is no confusion about the single origin nature of this coffee.

  • Bean description: Hearty, strong, and certainly a hybrid of Arabica and Robusta, this is a good “transition” bean for anyone who’s been drinking Robusta their whole life.

Bergendal: Technically a variety rather than a single origin coffee, Bergendal is a type of Arabica that is grown in Indonesia. Like Timor, it became known for its ability to fight off leaf rust, surviving an outbreak in the late 19th century that destroyed a lot of coffee crops and threatened Indonesia’s status on the world’s coffee stage. Another variety of Indonesian Arabica is Sidikilang.